Kathie Russell

Real Estate

About Kathie Russell

Kathie Russell is a real estate investor, mentor, and coach living in Pittsboro, NC. Kathie is a multi-faceted woman with broad interests. As an active real estate investor in Chatham County, North Carolina, she owns several Airbnb units as well as rental properties. Kathie also consults people who are interested in entering the field of real estate investment. As a skilled house flipper, Kathie enjoys being able to explore her artistic side with fabrics, room layouts, and designs. 

Kathie Russell is also an accomplished band manager. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, one of her groups, was formed in 2012. Sarah Shook, the lead, is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina who also plays guitar. She is known for her Americana musical style. In 2013, Shook self-released an EP under the name Sarah Shook and the Devil. Sidelong, the band’s first full-length album, was released in 2015. Nightroamer, the band’s third album, sees the band stretching its Folk and country origins, featuring indie-rock-friendly tracks in addition to their western and punk inspirations.

Kathie’s schooling includes a B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Florida. Kathie earned her law degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1994, where she was a member of the Holderness Moot Court Negotiation Team, a well-known student organization at the Carolina School of Law. While working at the McNair Law Firm, she was guided by Governor Terry Sanford, who she credits with providing her with a graduate-level education in North Carolina history. Her Juris Doctorate was awarded by the University of North Carolina School of Law. Kathie was an active member of mock trials and negotiating teams while in school. Russell established her own office in 1998, specializing in corporate, commercial, and real estate litigation. 

Kathie’s first job was as the Vice President of Legal Affairs for the Holland Grill Company. In this position, Kathie spent several years as the firm’s corporate counsel, managing all regulatory matters, including certification and compliance with various standards commissions, litigation for product defects and injuries, intellectual property matters, as well as trade dress, patent, and trademark cases. Kathie Russell supervised staff and had oversight for engineering, customer service, warranty, and the HR department. She also managed the advertising and PR departments, including print and visual media. Throughout this time, Kathie also used her design talents to develop new advertising and social media campaigns. She was elected to the National Barbecue Association board, acted as the corporate liaison for various trade groups, and promoted the company at barbecue product showcases around the country. Kathie Russell was appointed to the downtown Pittsboro Advisory Board as well as inducted to the smoke out hall of fame. Not only those accomplishments are on her list, but she is also a member of the Small Museum of Folk Art board. 

Learn more about Kathie Russell’s career by visiting her other website, kathierussell.net.